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The Fresh Table will air Saturday mornings on the NRB station on DirecTv. This means The Fresh Table will be in millions of homes starting July 8, 2017.  The Fresh Table will also be viewed by thousands of people through our online program and social media channels. For $500 you can sponsor one episode of The Fresh Table. We will list your name, or company name, logo and website at the beginning and end of the program. Seriously, this is the best deal going -  advertising on DirecTv for only $500!

If you'd like to sponsor an episode not because you have a product to promote but just because you believe in our message, we would love your support and you can choose to not be mentioned as a sponsor.

We're filming these shows as cost-effectively as possible, but it's still a challenge as each show costs about $500 to shoot, edit and produce.  Many people think we get paid by the network but actually we have to cover all production costs for The Fresh Table (and our other non-profit, Faithful Workouts). We do this solely because we want everyone to hear the Good News of Christ!  

We really believe that this show is going to help give people the freedom and joy they've always wanted in the kitchen, and, hopefully, open their eyes to a new freedom in Christ as well! 

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Listen to why John Engstrom, a board member for Faithful Workouts, and his wife Karen, decided to sponsor an episode of The Fresh Table. 


Partner with us today and help us to continue impacting people for the kingdom!

The Fresh Table is put on by Michelle's non-profit Faithful Workouts, and we rely on donations to create new programs and reach more people. If you would like to support our mission but are not in a position to sponsor an episode of The Fresh Table, we appreciate donations of any size.